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May 6, 2024

Where To Find a Business To Buy? 8 Marketplaces To Explore

Explore the top online marketplaces to browse businesses to buy. Find your next venture!

Where To Find a Business To Buy? 8 Marketplaces To Explore

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    Finding a profitable business for sale can be challenging for buyers, as there are many options available. Aside from business brokers, marketplaces are a great source for finding established businesses to buy.

    But deciding which marketplace is best for the type of deal you are looking for can be tough.

    One way to make the process easier is to evaluate the listing sites based on the following questions:

    • Do they offer the type of business you want to buy?
    • Do they offer profitable businesses?
    • Do the platforms cater to mainstream industries or niche markets?
    • Do they provide guidance and assist you throughout the process?

    Additionally, buyers searching for established businesses face the challenge of raising capital to cover initial expenses or part of the purchase. Potential buyers may seek investors or secure funding by using personal resources or applying for loans, which can further complicate an already overwhelming process.

    In this article, we'll explore nine key marketplaces that offer a variety of opportunities, and we'll provide valuable tips for anyone searching for a business to buy. Keep reading!

    8 online marketplaces to find a business opportunity

    Below is a list of the top nine marketplaces where you can find a business for sale. Browse these sites to compare profitable and qualified business opportunities and connect with sellers. 

    1. Boopos

    Boopos analyzes, vets, and lists hundreds of businesses from which you can source valuable deals. It is the only marketplace offering non-dilutive financing, free of business brokers, and with no personal guarantees needed for acquiring SaaS or other subscription-based businesses.

    Once qualified as a purchaser, you can select the opportunity you are interested in and receive guidance from advisors throughout the entire acquisition process.

    Boopos marketplace has more than 3,000 businesses for sale within the eCommerce, SaaS, and niche digital industries, all meticulously evaluated to validate their profitability and potential for growth.

    By joining Boopos, you also get access to experts who can help negotiate terms that align with your interests, ensuring a fair and beneficial deal for all parties involved, from the initial inquiry to the final purchase.

    Boopos is an excellent option if you are looking to enter the digital business world while also looking for investment capital to start and advice on the acquisition process, all in the same place.

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    2. BizBuySell

    BizzBuySell assists buyers through the purchasing process by guiding them in comprehending and analyzing the available options. In this marketplace, you can find a business to buy, make a compelling offer to the seller that is tailored to your budget, and look for financing options for initial expenses to ensure a successful purchase.

    Their listings include franchises and brick-and-mortar businesses, and more than 65,000 options are listed annually.

    They do not offer embedded financing, but their platform recommends other sources to find brokers and funding. BizBuySell is an option for buyers evaluating other types of businesses outside of ecommerce.

    3. BizQuest

    BizQuest listings include franchises and all types of businesses for sale, such as restaurants, hotels, manufacturing, retail, tech & software, real estate, and even start-ups for those buyers considering taking a leap into new ventures.

    They also help buyers understand what to look for in a business, how to choose the right industry and assess the deal to match the required due diligence steps.

    BizQest also offers brokers subscription services to streamline times and keep buyers aware of new offers published in real-time and in sync with their purchasing interests, making it a good option for buyers who want to avoid getting so involved in investing time in purchasing processes.

    4. BusinessesForSale

    Besides offering its purchasing listings to buyers for free, BusinessForSale also has a Premium Buyer Membership that includes benefits like access to locked businesses, prioritized inquiries in the seller's inbox, and priority customer services support.

    With more than 55,000 businesses for sale, this is also a large marketplace whose listings include a wide range of industries, including websites, food and drinks, agriculture, and hospitality.

    Their listings extend worldwide, including businesses established in countries such as Italy, Brazil or Dubai. Just like BizBuySell, this is a marketplace for buyers looking to acquire all kinds of companies in or out of the online realm.

    5. Flippa

    Flippa is a technology platform specializing in online and e-commerce businesses, including dropshipping, website and domain, Shopify stores, and SaaS.

    They help buyers with business valuations, assist with sale documents, optimize buyer and investor interest, and manage deal flow.

    They offer specific search criteria to narrow down listings, including sale price, monthly profit, monthly users, and the age of the business.

    Flippa doesn't offer embedded financing either, but it connects buyers to partners that can finance up to 80% of the purchase price. This allows buyers to limit and control risk when acquiring a business and leverage their capital to diversify and acquire more businesses.

    6. Empire Flippers

    At Empire Flippers you can find profitable online businesses for sale. Their Amazon business specialized listings include various types, such as Amazon Associates, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), and Merchant. They also offer dropshipping and e-commerce business listings.

    Empire Flipers is a good option for buyers considering purchasing an online Amazon business, given that this is one of their focuses.

    7. Side Projectors

    Side Projectors is free. There is no cost to submitting a project; they do not take any commission when a project is successfully sold. It is more of a classified ads portal than a marketplace for consulting advice on acquisition processes.

    The Side Projectors marketplace is a viable option if you are struggling with high up-front costs and working with a limited budget. However, keep in mind that you will not have the support and follow-up offered by other platforms.

    8. Niche Investor

    Niche Investor specializes in sites, blogs, and online businesses for sale.

    They list websites on different categories such as food, travel, business, and finance and work with a third-party escrow that holds buyers' payments until they have received the domain. Their team will asses both the buyer and seller through the transfer of files and funds to make sure the transaction runs smoothly.

    This is an option for buyers who are not interested in purchasing a brick-and-mortar business and are focused on purchasing a business based entirely on a website.

    How to select the right marketplace to buy an online business

    The selection criteria for choosing the right marketplace to join can include the type of industry you want to invest in and the value offering of each platform, such as the success record, relevant expertise, customer base, reputation, or user interface.

    Here are some key factors to consider:

    1. Look for quality

    The quality of the listings is very important. A reputable marketplace will offer business listings that have undergone thorough scrutiny of financial records, well-established operational processes, and consistent profitability.

    High-quality listings are transparent about the level of compliance, liability, and profitability that their published businesses have.

    2. Understand the level of support you'll get

    This can be a decisive point for a good purchasing experience. Some marketplaces offer access to experienced consultants who can assist you during the acquisition process to make it more efficient.

    The support may include assistance with legal or tax issues, advice on negotiation with sellers, and post-acquisition transition processes.

    Some platforms also include media resources such as tutorials, podcasts, or webinars containing valuable information for new and experienced buyers.

    3. Review whether the marketplace does or assists with the due diligence

    Find out if the marketplace conducts adequate due diligence on the listed businesses.

    Verifying whether the information sellers provide is correct regarding financial statements, legal compliance, and profitability can give you confidence in your investment and/or your investors if you are working with VC funding.

    4. Consider if they offer financing

    Boopos is the only business marketplace that offers embedded financing to qualified buyers. This enables them to start their business venture confidently, as the company provides experience, connections, and support, with a close follow-up throughout the entire business transition process.

    Buy a business with Boopos

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    Contrary to traditional banking, we offer our clients prepayment incentives so they can cancel the facility at any time. 90% of our clients repeat! Get qualified today!

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