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February 27, 2024

The First Step to Acquiring Your Dream Business

Take the first step towards acquiring your dream business with confidence. Learn essential considerations and strategies for a successful business acquisition. Start your journey today.

The First Step to Acquiring Your Dream Business

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    Four Reasons Why You Should Get Qualified Today

    As the new year begins, you might feel the inspiration to finally start your entrepreneurial journey. Like others, you could be wondering how to begin and you might also be overwhelmed by the process. Well, with Boopos as your partner, acquiring a business is much easier than you think.

    The first milestone is for you to become qualified as a buyer—there are numerous advantages, beyond working with Boopos, for you to start this process.

    1. Receive support for 4x your own funds

    First, once you’re approved, you’ll receive a support letter for four times the funds you’re able to provide. As important note, you should give us the highest disposable amount you wish to invest on your end, so that you can maximize your support letter (up to $2 million is the cap on all Boopos deals). Then, you’ll also be able to utilize the support letter as your approval of funds to unlock listings on other marketplaces.

    2. Gain access to pre-approved listings

    Second, you’ll gain full access to all the pre-approved listings on the Boopos marketplace—this is a substantial database of hundreds of businesses that our experts have analyzed and preapproved with indications of strong potential for growth and profits. As a friendly reminder, if you decide to purchase one of these pre-vetted listings on our marketplaces, Boopos bears most of the risk for these deals.

    3. Receive quick response on acquisitions

    Third, once you’ve reviewed the businesses, downloaded the terms, and are ready to acquire one of the businesses with pre-qualification, you will receive feedback and analysis within 48 hours. And, you’re able to submit to us as many deals as you want. In addition, you can also upload any targets you’re interested in having Boopos underwrite and our team of experts will inform you of our lending terms if you decide to work with us as your financing partner.

    4. Access support from an advisor

    Finally, in addition to all those benefits, you’ll receive support from a designated advisor to guide you through the M&A process and to answer any questions you have along the way, so you won’t feel alone in this process.

    At Boopos, we strive to simplify the acquisition process because we know how exciting it is to buy a business, the freedom that comes with being your own boss, and the immediate action that you’re ready to take right now. We know, as well as you do, that it is finally time for you to take that initial step—in this case getting pre-qualified—in order to purchase your dream business.

    As mentioned above, there are a number of advantages to getting pre-qualified today. We encourage you to complete the application process, get qualified as soon as possible, and let’s take that first step on our journey together. Remember, the process is simple. All we need is your LinkedIn profile, proof of funds, and credit score. It’s that easy when you use Boopos as your partner.

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