Get flexible financing for buying or growing
your business

We provide non-dilutive revenue-based financing to e-Commerce and Saas Businesses. Get mid to long term financing to buy a new business or grow your own.

Our alternative financing solutions will help you keep your equity and pay back flexibly.

Long term business loan: pay back in 1 to 5 years
No personal guarantees
 Funding in 7 days

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Useful financing for business acquisition

Every entrepreneur should have the opportunity to get funding.

What our customers say

Some of the most successful e-Commerce and SaaS businesses have already trusted us
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“It felt like we were all on the same team with the same goal. For solo acquisition investors like myself, it’s really comforting to feel like you’ve got a good support team behind you when you need to ask questions or make adjustments to your financing terms”.

Michael Frew
CEO Gigalixir

Tay Online Store

“Boopos' e-commerce experience and streamlined application and approval process made everything come together quickly before we lost the deal. I would not have been able to start a new phase of my company without Boopos as a financing partner”.

Lisa Marino
CEO Tay Online Store

Telos Brands

“Boopos thinks very similarly to us on business diligence. Ability, deep business knowledge, flexibility, and transparency throughout the process make them a long-term partnership for Telos”.

Darien Lee
Co-Founder & COO Telos Brands

SaaS in B2B Niche

“Flawless, quick and easy work, good people, and best financing terms. Boopos made the financing the least stressful part of the acquisition. They were super responsive and got our deal done on a tight schedule. We couldn't ask for better partners".

Colin Keeley
Co-Founder, Verne.
How it works

Long Term Revenue based financing

Boopos offers revenue-based financing for funding mid to long-term investments. Our revenue financing facilities are one of the best solutions to acquire a company, fund sizable growth investments or get financial peace of mind.

In 7 days, you can obtain up to 4x the company’s annual earnings for any purpose, and we will get repaid by taking a percentage of your revenues until a certain return amount is reached. Our loan is flexible: the bigger your revenue, the more you repay. Prepay early and you will get a discount!

APR from 10% to 30% - linked to business performance

Financing up to


Your annual earnings

Get funded in 7 days

We can pre-approve in less than 48 hours and fund in one week. No intermediaries or long waits. The analysis process is quick and easy, based on information from your marketplaces or payment providers, a personal interview, and basic indicators.

No personal guarantees or dilution

You need not risk your personal worth or give up your business. You control your own business.

Big facility

We can fund up to 80% of the price of an acquisition, or your sizable growth investments. Repay in the long term to improve your cash flow now.

Maximum flexibility

Variable payments: you will pay a % of revenues until a return cap is reached. You can also prepay early and get a discount. You are in control, managing and owning your business. No dilution or interference. Totally compatible with other sources of funding.


Is Boopos a good fit for my business?

Our revenue-based financing is suitable for you if you are buying a business or need to fund a big investment:

You want to acquire a business or make a material investment for growing
E-commerce (Amazon, others marketplaces or D2C) and SaaS
At least $100,000 annualized revenues
 Earnings visibility and customer recurrence
women-owned businesses

Women’s Businesses Acquisition Program

There are 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US (40% of the total).
Why should they have a harder time getting funded?

We run a specific program for women-owned businesses. Ask a representative.

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We can pre-approve in less than 48 hours and fund in one week. No intermediaries or long waits.



Once pre-approved, we will give you our preliminary feedback on terms. Once you take the actions requested, you are just 2 days away from our termsheet.


Owner Discussion

We will set up a call with you to best understand your needs and your business


Closing & Funding

Once you accept our termsheet, we will move to close mode: final verification and filling in any gaps in the contract. Funding happens immediately after closing.

Pre-approve in less than


and funds in one week

Our Partners

It’s never been so easy to finance a business transformational investment

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