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Why choose Boopos when buying an online business?

Scalable Opportunities

Within our marketplace, whether sourced externally or exclusive to Boopos, we offer meticulously vetted opportunities, each aiming for scalability and robust growth potential.

No personal guarantees

Buy your ideal online business using our financing which requires no personal guarantees.

Buy in record time

Get your deal underwritten in just 48/72 hours and don't let financing hold you back. We're proud to be a faster lender with the smoothest closing process.

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Buy the perfect online Business with Boopos

Don't do business buying alone, we will assist you and walk you through the entire process to make the right decision with you.

Phase 1

Identify your ideal business

If you have identified a compelling deal, reach out to your dedicated advisor. We will review your options and help you make the best decision. Additionally, we can provide advice on financing options.

Phase 2

Request more business details

Our marketplace and financing capabilities can help facilitate deals from several sources:

  1. Boopos exclusive
  2. Other marketplaces or brokers
  3. Your own proprietary deal flow

Regardless of the source of your deal flow, our team will be available to ensure a smooth acquisition process.

Phase 3

Connect with the Seller

Through our marketplace, you can connect directly with the seller. In these conversations, you will be able to delve into more details about the operations, performance, and growth prospects of the business at hand.

Phase 4

Close the deal with Boopos

Once you reach a preliminary agreement with the seller, Boopos will provide a closing checklist to ensure that the deal is finalized in a smooth manner.

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Contact us and we will help you navigate your acquisition.

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With our funding and support, these customers were able to take the leap with a new business.

Should I Buy That Business? Tips & Regrets From A Top Buyer

Pascal Levy-Garboua, CEO of Noosa Labs, bought his first business in the Summer of 2021 to learn. Then, he became a serial buyer. These are his tips!

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How does Boopos work?

Discover Boopos, your gateway to acquiring subscription-based businesses hassle-free! Say goodbye to personal guarantees and hello to non-dilutive capital at lightning speed. With fixed-term loans and a maximum repayment period of 4 years, we're here to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams without holding you back and allowing you to leverage your equity.

What makes Boopos different from other debt providers?

As a Boopos qualified buyer, you’ll gain access to a curated marketplace featuring only the most promising deals. Moreover, you'll get access to “Boopos exclusive” listings (only listed on our marketplace) spanning all online sectors, not just limited to SaaS.

Got a specific target in mind that isn't on our platform? Let our online specialists work their magic. In just 48/72 hours, they'll evaluate your target and craft a customized term sheet if it's a fit.

And the cherry on top? You'll have a dedicated Boopos advisor by your side throughout the entire acquisition process, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.

Are there fees associated with applying for a Boopos loan?

No, there aren’t any fees for applying.

How do the terms work?

At Boopos, every loan is tailored to fit your needs. Unlike traditional lenders, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. When we underwrite a target, we delve into the details, evaluating multiple metrics to assign a personalized score ranging from A to C if the target gets approved. This score determines your terms, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Curious about how our terms work? Don't wait another moment! Create an account today to schedule a call with your dedicated advisor or reach out to us at

Can I prepay my Boopos loan?

Yes, you can. Please contact support@boopos to get more info on our prepayment schedule or contact your advisor.

How can I purchase a pre-approved business?

It's a simple process. All of our listed opportunities enable you to immediately request more information - when you do, the broker working on the deal will get notified and they’ll reach out to start a discussion.

Where does Boopos get the money to finance my loan?

We finance our loans through a mixture of capital sources. Boopos is fortunate enough to finance a percentage of loans through our own balance sheet. Over the past several years, we have raised Venture Capital for the working capital and Venture Debt for the lending amount as well.

Am I a good candidate for a Boopos loan?

Watch this video for more information on buyer requirements and how to qualify as a buyer to kickoff the journey together.

Do you fund people outside the US?

Yes, our only requirement is that the acquiring entity is set up in the US. If you don’t have one already - don’t worry about it. We have connections with third parties that will make the entity set up process seamless.

What currencies do you fund in?

For now, we’re only financing in USD.

What kind of businesses do you fund?

When it comes to financing, we exclusively fund profitable SaaS ventures operating under subscription models, bringing in over $100K in trailing twelve months (TTM) revenue, and boasting a track record of at least 24 months. Whether you spot your dream deal in our marketplace, stumble upon it through external brokers, or uncover it within your own network, if it meets our criteria, we're interested!

Got a target in your sights? Don't hesitate to contact your advisor or send an email at to kickstart your journey to success.

What’s the minimum equity I need in my proof of funds?

$20,000 is enough to get qualified. Please make sure that we can verify the liquid balance available and your proof of ownership of the funds you submit.

How much do I need to put down in a deal?

Anywhere between 15-20% of the target’s purchase price, at a minimum. Additionally, this amount must be put down at closing and coming from the buyer’s equity.

Will this loan be compatible with my other liabilities?

We are comfortable working together with seller financing. For other kinds of debt providers, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

How do I sign up for a loan?

Signing up for a loan is easy with Boopos, and starts with getting qualified. Click the "Join Now" button to access the user portal. Once qualified, you’ll advisor will reach out to schedule a call and discuss next steps.

How long does it normally take for borrowers to get approved and funded?

At Boopos, underwriting is very fast. We can create a Term Sheet in 48—72 hours, and fund in 30 days once there’s an executed LOI in place.

Will applying for a Boopos loan affect my credit score?

No. Boopos performs a soft credit check, which does not affect your credit score and will not be visible to other lenders.

Why do I need to connect my accounts?

Connections help us to do a quick and accurate analysis. In addition, by connecting your accounts, we can understand your business not just at the time of qualification, but also on an ongoing basis, so you don't have to re-apply or re-enter your information.

Is my data safe at Boopos?

Your data is entirely safe with us. We will use your data just for an analysis proposal. We are committed to your privacy and our Privacy Policy, which explains our privacy practices concerning your personal information.

How much does Boopos finance?

Our LTV is established on a case-by-case basis. Our maximum is 80% of the asking price. Typically, we’ll finance between 50% and 70%.

Can I use seller financing?

Yes, but it won't count as your equity in the deal. Boopos and seller financing together can't exceed more than 85% of the advance rate.

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