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Why choose Boopos when selling your business?

Qualified Buyers

Each of our thousands of qualified buyers have undergone a healthy credit score and sufficient proof of funds check. Sell your business to a motivated buyer with financing available.

Strategic Outreach

Beyond our verified network of buyers, our advisory team engages strategic acquirers to secure the best possible sale for sellers.

Business Valuation

Receive a complimentary business insights report with industry benchmarks to list your business at a compelling valuation.

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Our Fee Structure

We offer the lowest fee in the market. We will work with you driven by your success. We will monetize until we sell your business.

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Pre Approved Financing for Qualified Buyers

This directly increases your chances to sell your business to potential qualified buyers who have available financing to consider purchasing your business.

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White Glove Service

Your personal advisor will truly do team work with you through the entire selling process, will make your life easier and will answer any questions you have.

List my Business for Sale
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Free Guide

Download our ultimate guide to sell an online business. Free valuation tool included.

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How to Sell a Business with Boopos

Sell your business, with Boopos by your side through it all.

Phase 1

Business valuation and financing viability

Business valuation and financing viability

Upon receiving your business information, we underwrite the deal and discuss it in an investment committee to determine a reasonable valuation and gauge financing viability. Having financing available increases the likelihood of a successful exit because buyers interested in your business can bridge the gap between their cash equity and the overall asking price of your business.

Phase 2

Go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategy

We schedule a session with you, the seller, to discuss the valuation, market strategy, and the next steps for listing your business on our marketplace and facilitating its sale. After signing our mandate, we prepare a proprietary Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).

Phase 3

Connect with qualified buyers

We begin outreach to buyers already in our network as well as external strategic acquirers that would be interested specifically in your business.

Our team vets each buyer before connecting them to you, so you'll only be speaking with motivated and well-capitalized parties.

We are always available to help facilitate conversations with buyers.

Phase 4

Negotiation and closing

Negotiation and closing

Our team will help you weigh different offers you receive from buyers. After signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the buyer of your choice, due diligence will kick off. Assuming all checks out, you will then sign an asset or share purchase agreement. Our team will be available to assist through every step of this journey.

Boopos works on a success fee, meaning we only get paid if the business is sold. At the outset, our incentives are fully aligned with you, the seller.

List my Business for Sale

Access our advisory services

Contact us and we will help you navigate your exit strategy.

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How do I calculate the value of a business for sale?

Business valuation is multifaceted, requiring various methodologies to gain a holistic view. The asset-based valuation focuses on both tangible and intangible assets, giving a concrete foundation to the business's worth. Income-based valuation considers potential earnings, factoring in projected revenues and profits. When selling your business, comparisons with similar companies in the market can provide a market-based valuation, offering insights into current demand. Advanced methods, like the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis, delve into future earnings and their present value, adding another layer of depth to the evaluation so you can get the full picture prior to selling your business.

When to sell your business?

Deciding on the right time for selling your business can be a balance of various factors. A strong financial track record and consistent profitability make a business more appealing to buyers. It's also essential to observe market conditions, with some sectors being more favorable for selling at particular times. When selling your business with Boopos, we provide resources and insights to help gauge the best timing. Personal motivations, such as retirement or pursuing other ventures, can also strongly influence the decision.

Where to sell a business?

Platforms like Boopos specialize in connecting owners selling a small business with potential buyers. This ensures transparency and security throughout the process of selling your business. Alternatively, traditional business brokers remain a popular choice for many, offering local market insights and connections. Industry-specific forums or websites can also offer targeted audiences for selling a business. 

How to value your business to sell?

Valuing your business is a blend of art and science, combining objective data with subjective assessments. If you’re wondering how to sell a small business, start by analyzing financial statements to get a grasp of assets, liabilities, and cash flow. Market trends, competitor analysis, and future projections also play a critical role in determining the value when selling a business. For example, an Amazon FBA business will likely have a very different value than a SaaS company. Boopos offers various tools and resources to ease this valuation process while selling a small business.

How to find a business for sale?

Finding an entrepreneur selling a small business is made simpler with platforms like Boopos where you can browse a curated list of available companies. Begin by navigating to the 'Businesses for Sale' section and filter according to your requirements such as industry, size, or location. Beyond online platforms, you can also find those selling a small business by tapping into local business brokers, trade associations, or industry publications. Networking events in your desired industry can also be a goldmine for leads.

How does Boopos work for sellers?

If you’re selling a small business, list it on our platform and gain visibility from our +2K qualified buyers with high purchase intentionality. Benefit from acquisition financing and receive expert support from our dedicated team throughout the deal-closing process; go broker-free and save money. Ready to list your business? Click here and start the process!

What is the eligibility criteria for selling a business on Boopos?

If you’re wondering how to sell a small business on Boopos, it must be operational for at least 12 months, must make at least 100K in revenue the last 12 months, must have a profit margin of at least 5% the last 12 months and its revenue growth year-on-year cannot exceed -35%. Do these criteria match your business and you’d like to know what the next steps are? Reach out to your advisor or email for more info.

Do I have to pay to sell a business on Boopos?

No upfront fees involved. Only pay upon closing - contact your advisor or support for more info on fees and process.

What makes Boopos different from other marketplaces?

Work alongside a team of experts that will advise you throughout the entire process of selling your business. Moreover, get access to a pool of +2K qualified buyers with high intentionality and verified liquidity to get access to pre-viewing your listing. Only get inquiries from buyers whose POF supports the acquisition of your business.

Can Boopos also offer financing for potential buyers for my business?

Yes! If you’re wondering how to sell a business with Boopos, we can offer financing for SaaS businesses with recurring revenue that meet our financing main lending criteria and that pass our underwriting model. If you want to know if your business qualifies for financing, contact your advisor or reach out to

Could Boopos advise on my businesses’ valuation?

Certainly! Once you send an application to sell your business, a team of experts in the online space will evaluate your company and your advisor will give you any insights relevant to your target’s evaluation. Additionally, your advisor will guide you through the selling strategy.

Does Boopos work with sellers/businesses outside the US?


Is my data safe at Boopos?

When thinking about how to sell a business with Boopos, you can trust that your data is entirely safe with us. We will use your data just for an analysis proposal. We are committed to your privacy and our Privacy Policy, which explains our privacy practices concerning your personal information.

How do I sign up as a seller?

Click here to start your selling process with Boopos.

How long does it take to get my business valued and listed?

It’ll only take 48/72 hours to get a valuation and sell your business on our marketplace.

I have further questions, who should I reach out to?

For any additional questions, make sure to reach out to your advisor or email our support team directly at

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