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Frequently Asked Questions

About Boopos

What is the cost?

We charge a multiple of our principal – our cost in APR terms is higher than bank debt because of the flexibility we offer but lower than hybrid debt or equity. While the specific cost will depend on the business you are acquiring, a typical structure is: 1.15x if you repay before year 1, 1.30x if you repay before year 2, 1.45x if you repay before year 3, 1.60x if you repay before year 4 and 1.60x thereafter.

What is our methodology?

Our process is simple and heavily automated. The main goal is to determine the long-term viability of your company as well as your commitment to managing it in the long term. A personal interview is a relevant part of the process, as well as a detailed analysis of recurrence for each of your SKUs or clients.

Is there compatibility with other liabilities?

We are comfortable working together with other debt providers. Our unsecured structures are almost always compatible with bank or other debt. For our secured structures, please contact us for discussing your specific situation.

What is the difference with other debt providers?

Venture debt is usually expensive, generates dilution in the shape of equity kickers or warrants and most of all you commit to a fixed repayment schedule. Our loan is flexible. We will take a monthly percentage of your revenues; the bigger your revenue, the earlier you repay; make less revenue and you’ll repay later. Regarding SBA and bank debt, our requirements are typically less stringent, and we will not ask for personal guarantees from you. We are also really quick and in 7 days you should be accessing the facility.

What percentage can be funded on an acquisition?

We will fund between 50% and 85% of the price depending on different factors. You can finance the rest via personal savings or loans and complement with a seller note or earnout.

Is Boopos a good fit for my business?

Our revenue-based financing is suitable for you if you want to acquire a business or make a material investment for growing, you are an E-commerce (Amazon, others marketplaces or D2C) or a SaaS you have at least $100,000 annualized revenues, earnings visibility and customer recurrence.

Application Process

How can I acquire a pre-approved opportunity?

It's a simple process. Select the opportunity you are interested in, contact us and we will organize an interview in order to validate the buyer management skills.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for applying.

What if I don't use your supported revenue or banking accounts?

Don't worry about that. We encourage you to still apply. We will discuss the platforms you are using. 

I am a broker or seller and want to have my business pre-approved. What should I do?

Fill in this form and get your business pre-approved in a simple and faster way.

I own different Amazon stores and I can't find the way to choose which one to connect...

Open your Seller Central account on a separate tab in your browser and select the store you want to connect. Then go back to our app and try again.

When connecting my Amazon account, I get a "You have no permission to view this page" message from Amazon

This happens because you don't have permission to grant third party access to your seller's central account. Sometimes you may have different stores in your account with different permission levels. In that case, open your Seller Central account on a separate tab in your browser and select a store for which you have full admin permissions. Then go back to our app and try again.

How do I sign up for a loan?


Can I prepay the loan?

We will always be by your side and we will never get in the way of expanding your business. That's why we offer a prepayment discount so whenever you feel you need to prepay you can do it without worries.

How do repayments work?

We will take a monthly percentage of your revenues until we get the amount we lent you plus our return.

Will applying affect my credit score?  

No. Boopos performs a soft credit check which does not affect your credit score and will not be visible to other lenders.


Is my data safe at Boopos?  

Your data is completely safe with us. We will use your data just for an analysis proposal. We are committed to your privacy, and our “Privacy Policy”, which explains our privacy practices with respect to your personal information.

Why do I need to connect my accounts?

Connections help us to do a  quick and accurate analysis. In addition, by connecting your accounts we can understand your business not just at the time of qualification, but also on an on going basis so you don't have to re-apply or re-enter your information.