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February 27, 2024

Artixty Case Study

Explore the transformative journey of Artixty with Boopos, as this captivating case study reveals how their SaaS solution revolutionized the B2B niche. Dive into innovation today!

Artixty Case Study

What about

When we met Tim, we found an executive well versed in Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, and Technology companies. His extensive experience in management, strong commitment and great ideas to drive the development of a company funneled into this primary goal: To acquire a business in starting his path towards entrepreneurship.

However, Tim had to face two main challenges:

  1. The identification of those opportunities will allow him to make the best acquisition decision.
  2. Flexible financing for buying his new business.

We worked together in order to offer him a long-term revenue-based loan but also to identify and analyze the best opportunities. Therefore, it was a partner relationship.

After a year of searching, our financing has allowed him to buy a company that is more aligned with his objectives: Artixty. Additionally, our loan has provided him with a cash flow to continue growing. Our monitoring, vision, and analysis of all acquisition opportunities were key in their decision-making.

What made it happen

Tim found us looking at a potential acquisition with an online broker. His goal was to acquire a company via SBA. Unfortunately, the company did not meet its underwriting criteria. He realized that SBA lenders are typically very traditional and conservative in their lending practices.

After, several meetings with other traditional lenders, the decision was taken for different reasons:

  • Forward-thinking business mindset.
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • No personal guarantees
“Awesome! I felt like I had a banking consultant alongside me on my journey to acquire my first company. Its model help to alleviates the stresses that come with traditional credit facilities. I was able to acquire my targeted company".

About Artixty

Artixty is an online platform connecting creative professionals with one another. Focused on design and creativity, Artixty offers the best creative products on the internet at the lowest prices trying to avoid the complexity of other traditional platforms: no more pop-up asking for your email, no countdown timers, incomplete descriptions, and fuzzy licensing terms.


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