Get a flexible loan - business acquisition and revenue-based financing

Boopos and have partnered to facilitate acquisition financing

Boopos offers streamlined, non-dilutive business acquisition loans for small and medium-sized online businesses. Our loan options don’t require personal guarantees.

Our benefits

Fast funding

Get pre-approved in 48 hours, funded in 7 days. High loan approval rates.

Flexible repayment

Repay your business acquisition loan in up to 5 years. No prepayment penalty.

No personal guarantee

Non-diluted, revenue-based business financing for acquisitions. No need to put your personal assets at risk.



owners qualified



businesses underwritten




funding approved

Why Boopos?

Get funded in 7 days - much faster than SBA loans

Choose from our list of pre-approved businesses for sale or apply for a loan for an unlisted acquisition target.

We are an online lender, so getting started is easy. Submit a loan request in minutes. Get pre-qualified in less than 48 hours and funded within a week.

Non-dilutive funding with no personal guarantee

We provide non-dilutive revenue-based financing for entrepreneurs looking to buy an existing business.

Work with us to find the best type of business and the best type of loan for your needs. We’ll fund up to 80% of the acquisition price without requesting a personal guarantee.

Long term small business loans with flexible repayments

Preset monthly payment schedules, rigid repayment terms and fixed interest rates don’t work in a dynamic startup world.

That’s why we offer long-term loans borrowers can pay back flexibly in 1 to 5 years. We simply take a percentage of your revenue until a certain return amount is reached. If your revenues slow or stop, so do repayments.

Get started

Data connections

We underwrite automatically based on the data retrieved from the following platforms

Amazon logoStripe logoShopify logoQuickbooks logoXero logoZoho logo

A faster alternative to traditional bank loans

Boopos loan programs offer entrepreneurs an alternative to bureaucratic lenders, slow-moving business banks and complex sba loan approval processes.

Our type of financing is fast and efficient. Unlike traditional financial institutions, we don‘t require your business plans, credit history, annual revenue, balance sheets, cash flow statements, tax returns, liabilities, bank accounts or bank statements to kickstart your loan application.

Contact us today to determine your eligibility. Our loan application process is fully automated and won’t take time out of your busy day.

Boopos is rated excellent

What our customers say

“Boopos' e-commerce experience and streamlined application and approval process made everything come together quickly before we lost the deal. I would not have been able to start a new phase of my company without Boopos as a financing partner.”

Lisa Marino picture

Lisa Marino

CEO Tay Online Store

“It felt like we were all on the same team with the same goal. For solo acquisition investors like myself, it’s really comforting to feel like you’ve got a good support team behind you when you need to ask questions or make adjustments to your financing terms.”

Michael Faw picture

Michael Frew

CEO Gigalixir

“Flawless, quick and easy work, good people, and best financing terms. Boopos made the financing the least stressful part of the acquisition. They were super responsive and got our deal done on a tight schedule. We couldn't ask for better partners".

Colin Keeley picture

Colin Keeley

Co-Founder Verne

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