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February 27, 2024

Startup Acquisition Financing Made Easy With Boopos & BitsForDigits

Unlock startup acquisition financing with Boopos & BitsForDigits partnership. Streamline funding for growth. Seamless financing for acquisitions. Learn more!

Startup Acquisition Financing Made Easy With Boopos & BitsForDigits

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with BitsForDigits, an online marketplace that specializes in startup acquisitions and sales. BitsForDigits holds their startup marketplace listings to the same high-quality standards as Boopos making them an ideal partner for us; they carefully vet their listings for startups for sale to ensure they are profitable businesses with a minimum of $100K in revenue. The bulk of listings on the BitsForDigits marketplace are SaaS and eCommerce businesses, two types of businesses Boopos’ buyers are typically in search of. This exciting partnership will unlock new opportunities for buyers and sellers in the startup acquisitions space.

Through this collaboration, sellers listing their business for sale on BitsForDigits will now have access to a larger pool of buyers via Boopos. They will also have the added benefit of having their business pre-approved for financing. Conversely, Boopos will now have more businesses pre-approved for financing listed on their marketplace for buyers to peruse. This will provide buyers with a broader selection of businesses while streamlining the acquisition process with pre-approved financing options.

Overall, the partnership between Boopos and BitsForDigits is a win-win for both sellers and buyers alike. This collaboration promises to make the process to buy startups more efficient, thus benefiting both parties in the online business acquisition market. Keep an eye out for new listings on the Boopos marketplace soon!

Haven't explored the businesses for sale on the Boopos marketplace yet? Get pre-qualified for financing today to gain access.

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