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We analyze, vet and list hundreds of businesses for you to source valuable deals.

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Your business needs to meet these thresholds:

  • TTM Revenue >$100K
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We connect sellers and buyers through:

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Targeted acquisition suggestions for our network of strategic buyers

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Our underwriting team will analyze your business to reach a valuation and verify if it is eligible for Boopos' acquisition financing.


Connection with vetted buyers

We list your business in our platform, making it available to thousands of verified buyers. With the guide of our M&A advisors from start to finish, we are set to find the best fit for your business.


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Exit at an attractive multiple and on favorable terms.

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Profitable business

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See the buzz about Boopos

With our funding and support, these customers were able to take the leap with a new business.

Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

“Boopos' e-commerce experience and streamlined application and approval process made everything come together quickly before we lost the deal. I would not have been able to start a new phase of my company without Boopos as a financing partner.”

Michael Frew

Michael Frew

“It felt like we were all on the same team with the same goal. For solo acquisition investors like myself, it’s really comforting to feel like you’ve got a good support team behind you when you need to ask questions or make adjustments to your financing terms.”

Colin Keeley

Colin Keeley

“Flawless, quick and easy work, good people, and best financing terms. Boopos made the financing the least stressful part of the acquisition. They were super responsive and got our deal done on a tight schedule. We couldn't ask for better partners".

Steve McGarry

Steve McGarry

"As a fintech entrepreneur, I was on the lookout for opportunities to acquire online businesses, and Boopos made it happen. Their team provided us with a seamless financing experience, making us feel like a united force. Boopos' rapid responses and support throughout the process were outstanding. They helped us assess the potential of the business we acquired and provided valuable assistance during due diligence. I've already recommended Boopos to fellow CEOs and founders because they empower startups of all sizes to access online business acquisitions. For anyone in the market, I wholeheartedly give Boopos a 10/10 recommendation."

Filip, SaaS and Tech Entrepreneur

Filip, SaaS and Tech Entrepreneur

"As a permanent capital investor and tech entrepreneur, I turned to Boopos for online business acquisition financing. Boopos impressed me with their sector-specific expertise, efficiency in underwriting, and valuable market insights. Their flexibility in repayment terms and lightning-fast transaction execution set them apart from others. I wholeheartedly recommend Boopos to fellow independent acquirers for their agility and industry knowledge.”

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