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Finding an online business with pre-approved financing is easy. Sign up for an account to gain instant access to our directory of businesses for sale.

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If you are looking to buy an established business with a loan, an SBA pre-approved business for sale may sound like a valid option. The SBA pre-approval shortens your loan approval process and you get the reassurance that you are buying a high-quality small business. But only a fraction of small businesses for sale on the market today have been SBA pre-qualified. That’s why our directory of carefully vetted online businesses with Boopos pre-approved financing represents a great opportunity to access a more comprehensive list that enables you to find an SBA business for sale. Once you decide on a target, your time to funding will be under 7 days.

Access to the directory of pre-approved online businesses

Access our directory of pre-approved online businesses

Sign up for an account to gain access to our extensive database of high-end e-commerce businesses, SaaS companies, and Amazon SBA businesses for sale. We work with a network of leading business brokers to ensure that you get access to the best small business targets on the market. Each listed e-commerce store and SaaS startup for sale has gone through a fully automated operational and financial review powered by our proprietary, AI-driven evaluation engine before they pre-qualify for a business loan from Boopos.

Identify new business opportunities

Identify the best new business opportunities

Prospective business owners can narrow down their search by filtering our database by desired business type, industry category, and business size, and pre-approval status for an SBA. Buying a busines takes time and effort, which is why you’ll be able to work with our advisory team to get an even more tailored proposal. We will help you find the right business opportunity for your specific needs, while also supporting your due diligence process. New listings are uploaded to on a weekly basis, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get new business targets from our brokerage partners delivered to your inbox.

Access to the directory of pre-approved online businesses

Tailored lists of targets, not turnkey solutions

Boopos customers come from all walks of life. Some are experienced entrepreneurs looking to grow by buying SaaS startups or online stores with an established customer base. Others are new owners who dream of owning an e-commerce website, Shopify store, or Amazon retail store that can provide them with a reliable source of passive income. Contact us and we’ll arrange for an initial consultation to help you complete your new business owner profile. We will send you targets based on the criteria and preferences set in your owner profile.

SBA pre-approved loans

The shortest path to purchasing your own business

New buyers often worry about the complexity of the purchase process, which traditionally includes a business model analysis, estimation of revenue streams, cash flows, yoy net profit,  profit margins, and more. Building complex valuation models and determining a fair asking price for an internet business can take weeks if not months. Our intelligent scoring models cut through the noise and support a simpler, more efficient way of comparing the growth potential of each acquisition target. The result is a faster, more streamlined due diligence process.

buying a SaaS startup

Find your next business opportunity today

We cover every business opportunity from Los Angeles to New York. If you are an entrepreneur looking to find an SBA approved online business for sale with high growth potential open an account with us today to get access to the most comprehensive directory of pre-approved online businesses in the SBA market.

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