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Determine the best business to buy

If you are thinking of purchasing a specific online business acquisition target, but would like to know what else is on the market before you buy, we can help.

Co-workers pointing to the computer screen while they are in a meeting.Co-workers pointing to the computer screen while they are in a meeting.

Explore high-quality online businesses with pre-approved financing

Sign up for a Boopos account to get instant access to our comprehensive list of online businesses on sale. If you are keen to buy a lucrative business but aren’t sure how to begin, we can recommend a selection of online businesses from our lists of pre-approved acquisition targets.

By working exclusively with reputable broker partners we ensure that each target meets the highest standards and has the potential to be highly profitable.

Shortlist the best e-commerce, Amazon FBA and SaaS businesses

Experienced startup entrepreneurs and new business owners alike rely on Boopos’ know how to help them evaluate profitable businesses on sale. We are lenders with deep expertise in online business models and can help you decide which type of business fits your needs.

Contact us to screen your own business deal or to help you shortlist the best small business from our list of pre-approved targets.

Compare your own business deal with our list of pre-approved businesses

Entrepreneurs looking to own a specific existing business can apply for a loan online and easily manage their proprietary deal flow along with our pre-approved listings to optimize your acquisition strategy

Select the right business opportunity

Once you have settled on a specific target, we work in partnership with you to support your due diligence process. Because our underwriting process focuses on resilience and downside protection, we are uniquely positioned to assess the health of your target business and can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each business idea.

Great business plans start with Boopos

Boopos helps small business owners identify the most successful business opportunities. But we also provide long-term, non-dilutive loans so you can get your next business venture off the ground.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your financing needs.


What makes Boopos different from other debt providers?

Venture debt is usually expensive, generates dilution in the shape of equity kickers or warrants and most of all you commit to a fixed repayment schedule. Our loan is flexible. We will take a monthly percentage of your revenues; the bigger your revenue, the earlier you repay; make less revenue and you’ll repay later. Regarding SBA and bank debt, our requirements are typically less stringent, and we will not ask for personal guarantees from you. We are also really quick, and in 7 days you should be accessing the facility.

Could I be a good candidate for a Boopos loan?

Yes, you may be. Our revenue-based financing is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to acquire a business or make a material investment in growing an E-commerce (Amazon, other marketplaces or D2C) or SaaS business and have at least $100,000 annualized revenues, earnings visibility, and customer recurrence.

Are there fees associated with applying for a Boopos loan?

No, there aren’t any fees for applying.

What percentage of my acquisition will Boopos fund?

We typically fund between 50% and 85% of the price, depending on different factors. You can finance the rest via personal savings or loans and complement with a seller note or earnout.

How does Boopos generate revenue from my loan?

We charge a multiple of our principal – our cost in APR terms is higher than bank debt because of the flexibility we offer but lower than hybrid debt or equity. While the specific cost will depend on the business you are acquiring, a typical structure s: 1.15x if you repay before year 1, 1.30x if you repay before year 2, 1.45x if you repay before year 3, 1.60x if you repay before year 4 and 1.60x thereafter.

Where does Boopos get the money to finance my loan?

We finance our loans through a mixture of capital sources. Boopos is fortunate enough to finance a percentage of loans through our own balance sheet. Over the past several years, we have raised Venture Capital for the working capital and Venture Debt for the lending amount as well.

How do I repay Boopos?

Based on your loan amount, you will repay Boopos a monthly percentage of your revenues. This is not a fixed dollar amount, so if your business has a strong month, you will pay down more of the loan, and in less profitable months you will owe a smaller payment. Boopos works with you to structure payments that make sense and adjust to your business cycle.

Can I prepay my Boopos loan?

Yes, you can. We offer a prepayment discount, so whenever you feel the need to prepay your loan you can do it without worries. 

How do I sign up for a loan?

Signing up for a loan is easy with Boopos. Go to "Get started" button and you'll get in the user portal.

How can I purchase a pre-approved business?

It's a simple process. Select the opportunity you are interested in,and we will organize an interview to get started.

How long does it normally take for borrowers to get approved and funded?

At Boopos underwriting is very fast. We can create a Term Sheet in 48—72 hours, and fund in 7 days.

Will applying for a Boopos loan affect my credit score?

No. Boopos performs a soft credit check, which does not affect your credit score and will not be visible to other lenders.

Will this loan be compatible with my other liabilities?

We are comfortable working together with other debt providers. Our unsecured structures are almost always compatible with bank or other debt. For our secured structures, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Is my data safe at Boopos?

Your data is entirely safe with us. We will use your data just for an analysis proposal. We are committed to your privacy and our Privacy Policy, which explains our privacy practices concerning your personal information.

Why do I need to connect my accounts?

Connections help us to do a quick and accurate analysis. In addition, by connecting your accounts, we can understand your business not just at the time of qualification, but also on an ongoing basis, so you don't have to re-apply or re-enter your information.

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