Top 10 Reasons Why Brands Need An Amazon Marketing Agency

Why do brands need an Amazon marketing agency while initiating their omnichannel sales strategy?

October 15, 2021
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As a brand owner with exceptional products and a clearly defined target market, expanding to is likely the next logical step in your company's omnichannel retail strategy.

However, when you aren't familiar with the procedure of expanding your business to new channels, building an Amazon sales channel becomes a gamble.

Partnering with an Amazon marketing agency that understands how to list, advertise, and fulfill orders is essential for brands ready to expand their eCommerce operations while minimizing risk.

However, minimizing operational risk isn't the only benefit of working with an Amazon marketing agency. There are several other reasons brand owners should work with an experienced marketing agency to drive growth on Amazon.

With that in mind, let's discuss the top 10 reasons why brands need an Amazon marketing agency while initiating their omnichannel sales strategy.

What Is An Amazon Marketing Agency?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of Amazon marketing agencies to partner with, but what are they, and how can they help business owners looking to sell on the leading eCommerce marketplace?

Before we drive into the many reasons your company should work with an Amazon marketing agency, it makes sense to understand what they do.

Amazon marketing agencies provide personal experts that understand how to expand your brand and sell products on Amazon successfully.

Some specialize in a specific service, such as writing sales content for your brand's product listings, while others offer a full-service Amazon marketing approach.

A company specializing in full-service Amazon marketing utilizes methods to sell items on the most prominent online marketplace while adhering to all required laws and guidelines.

These methods can include Amazon Advertising, Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Review Management, and several other techniques sellers use to stay competitive.

Everything from developing a cohesive brand to optimizing your product listings and sharing unique creative elements influence how many sales you make on Amazon.

Exploring The Options: Why Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency?

Now that you know what an Amazon marketing agency does, let's discuss why partnering with one makes sense.

When CEOs and COOs want to expand their brands on Amazon, they have a variety of choices, including:

1. Building An In-House Team

One way to either transition to Amazon or grow an existing channel is to manage the process in-house.

Working on an Amazon sales channel in-house requires either an individual or a small team to grow your brand's sales on the leading eCommerce marketplace.

Yet, building a team and teaching them to manage your brand's Amazon initiatives is costly and time-consuming. Another problem is that even larger in-house teams with several members may fail to make the most significant possible impact.

Individuals and small teams need several diverse skill sets covering logistics and operations, account management, SEO, graphic design, copywriting, and many other skills!

Unfortunately, one person or even a few people can't master all these areas. Therefore, the time and cost investment may not match the results you receive from an in-house team.

Business owners can benefit from partnering with an Amazon marketing agency with the in-house team’s skills to make the most significant impact on the eCommerce marketplace.

Even when managing an in-house team, working it’s still an excellent idea to work with an Amazon marketing agency is still an excellent idea.

An experienced Amazon marketing agency will help your business achieve better results, and your team can focus on other things essential to growing your business.

2. Growing An Amazon Sales Channel With A Consultant Or Solopreneur

If somehow you can find one individual who is an expert at every marketing task, then one option is to work with that person on building your brand's Amazon sales channel.

Sure, these consultants and solopreneurs exist. However, they're scarce and near impossible to find.

If somehow you do stumble upon one, it doesn't mean that your company's troubles with growing an Amazon sales channel are gone.

Instead, you should expect slow service that's incredibly costly, especially if the Amazon marketer is in high demand.

The problem is that solopreneurs and consultants work one-on-one with all their clients.

As their business grows, their work quality also suffers. And when your business isn't receiving the level of attention it needs, your brand's expansion on Amazon suffers.

Therefore, even if your business works with a consultant or solopreneur to guide your brand's actions on Amazon, you'll still want a marketing agency to help initiate a marketing plan.

Otherwise, your company will depend on an expensive, overly-stretched entrepreneur that likely won't put the needs of your brand first.

3. Selecting An Enterprise Agency

The next option you have for growing your business on Amazon is to work with an enterprise agency. Enterprise agencies are effective at achieving results, but it comes at a steep time and financial cost.

Not only are enterprise ad agencies slow in bringing brands to Amazon and onboarding new clients, but they also have long turnaround times and fail to incorporate the newest tools that competitors use to succeed.

In addition, enterprise agencies often rely on outside full-service agencies. Therefore, your business can often avoid overly costly service by working directly with a full-service agency with faster turnaround times.

4. Opting For A Full-Service Amazon Marketing Agency

Now, the final option is to work with a full-service Amazon marketing agency like Sunken Stone.

If you want a combination of fast service, quality results, and affordability, then this is the best option for your business.

By partnering with the right Amazon marketing agency, your business gets to access a large team of specialists with expertise in every Amazon skill needed for your brand to thrive.

What To Expect From A Marketing Agency

At this point, you're probably wondering what you should expect while working with an Amazon marketing agency.

Although what your brand achieves with an agency partner depends on your company's current needs, there are several things you can expect from an ad agency.

  • First, Expect For Your Agency To Define Success For Your Brand

What can you expect to achieve in your first year working with an Amazon marketing agency? An exceptional agency will determine whether your expectations are realistic and share what they believe is achievable for your business.

  • Second, Expect An Agency To Outline A Process To Achieve Quick Wins

Amazon marketing agencies can utilize strategies to bring quick wins on Amazon and move you toward achieving your marketing goals.

Most companies work with marketing agencies because they want to make sales, and activities that generate leads, win repeat customers, and increase product visibility will get your business there quicker.

  • Third, Expect A Plan To Achieve Long-Term Sales & Marketing Goals

Quick wins are great, but the goal of working with an Amazon marketing agency should be to achieve long-term success on the eCommerce platform.

Yet, long-term success requires a detailed plan that involves PPC, SEO, review management, product photography, and a lot more.

All these tasks don't happen overnight. However, with the right full-service marketing agency, your business will establish a solid foundation that drives success in your brand's first year on Amazon and beyond.

Hiring An Amazon Marketing Agency Depends On Your Brand's Goals

As you can tell, there's a lot that goes into working with an Amazon marketing agency, even during your first year. How you define success and the goal your organization sets will impact which Amazon marketing agency you select.

Right now is the perfect time to see whether your brand has set the foundation to work with an Amazon marketing agency.

>> Start with this success quiz to determine whether your eCommerce business is ready to compete with millions of Amazon sellers.

Now that you have a better idea of how an Amazon marketing agency can grow your business, and understand what to expect, let's get right into the top 10 reasons brands should work with one.

Top 10 Reasons Why Brands Need An Amazon Marketing Agency

As a new seller on Amazon, or one that is yet to build a profitable brand on the platform, there's an overwhelming amount of information about successfully selling on the eCommerce marketplace.

Fortunately, an experienced Amazon marketing agency provides several benefits to businesses that either want to leave the marketplace in the hands of other sellers or those looking to supplement their in-house team's skills using an external partner.

Here are the ten most essential reasons brands should work with an agency specializing in selling on Amazon.

1. Match The Results Your Brand Achieves On Other eCommerce Platforms

If your retail business is booming, either in a brick-and-mortar or elsewhere online, it's because people are happy with what you sell.

At the same time, while expanding your brand using an omnichannel retail strategy, if you notice that your brand's Amazon sales don't match what you achieve on other platforms, then something's going wrong.

Yet, successful brands that fail to make strides on Amazon don't have a business model flaw. Instead, they're going wrong with their approach to selling on Amazon.

These companies are most likely trying to manage the Amazon sales process in-house or working with a consultant who lacks the skills to succeed on Amazon.

When your brand is already successful, winning the game depends on finding the right Amazon marketing agency partner to manage selling on your business’s eCommerce platform.

2. Improve Amazon Product Listings

Let's face it, creating Amazon product listings isn't the most glamorous job, but it needs doing.

Suppose writing product titles and descriptions, taking product photography, including keywords in your copy, and writing content to convert shoppers aren't exciting to your in-house team. In that case, you'll likely fail to achieve optimal results.

Stop with the tasks that your team finds tedious by outsourcing product listing creation and optimization to an agency.

It won't be a drain on your company's time, and you'll partner with experts that understand how to achieve optimal results. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a win-win!

3. Stop Worrying About The Intricacies Of Amazon

There's one thing we keep repeating because of how true it is—success on Amazon is about more than building product listings and hoping that you make sales.

Should you fulfill products yourself with the SFP program or join Amazon FBA? What percentage of each sale will go to Amazon fees?

What are the latest changes to Amazon SEO, and how will they impact your product listings? There are enough Amazon intricacies to make you dizzy!

Locating the right marketing agency with enough experts to stay on top of the rapidly changing eCommerce marketplace guidelines is vital for brands looking for success on Amazon.

When you find the right partner, your brand can forget about the multitude of information it takes to succeed on the platform and leave it in the hands of your Amazon marketing agency instead.

4. Optimize Paid Advertising Campaigns

If you thought that creating product listings was a tedious task, wait until you start Amazon Advertising campaigns!

There are several reasons why professionals should complete Amazon PPC ad campaign creation instead of in-house teams.

First, creating ads on Amazon is time-consuming. Imagine making an ad (or several) for each product in your catalog. Then consider the time it takes to track results, optimize ads, and monitor competitor's campaigns.

Second, Amazon PPC ads have several moving parts that all impact the success of your paid ad campaigns. Get ready to write headlines, test images, create split tests and evaluate data of every ad you create for Amazon (or its many partner sites.)

Third, it's easy to waste money on PPC ads when your team doesn't know what they're doing. One minor adjustment to your ad campaigns can lead to overspending, and sometimes just figuring out why your ads aren't bringing positive results is challenging enough.

Forget about building ad campaigns yourself by partnering with a marketing agency with mastery of Amazon Advertising for CPG brands.

5. Receive Better Amazon Support, Without Dealing With Support Reps

Amazon is a big believer in assisting new enterprises on its platform since it understands that working with them is beneficial for both parties.

The more successful new-to-Amazon sellers are, the more Amazon makes. However, as your brand ages on the eCommerce platform, you're less likely to get the same quality attention from support reps.

When your company works with an agency, you always have assistance. We handle problems with your Amazon account quickly or escalate them to our Amazon partners for expedited service.

6. Gain Access To Funding For Your Business

As business owners initiating an omnichannel retail strategy, we must access financing options that help our companies expand.

At Sunken Stone, we work with businesses like Boopos to provide our partners with flexible financing solutions for eCommerce and Amazon businesses.

We find it essential for our partners to grow their businesses, and therefore sometimes it's necessary to secure investments to increase our brands or acquire other companies. 

One benefit of working with an Amazon marketing agency is locating new ways for our partners to secure business funding with flexible terms that require no personal guarantees.

7. Build A Stronger Brand On Amazon

Amazon marketing agencies help businesses create stronger brands

Amazon has several tools and services which help third-party vendors establish a more substantial brand presence in the marketplace.

Amazon Stores, A+ Content, and Enhanced Brand Content tools help businesses in the Amazon Brand Registry program attract a larger audience and sell more products.

While the Amazon Brand Registry program and the tools it provides to sellers may seem like another marketplace time commitment, exceptional Amazon Marketing Agencies know how to leverage these tools to increase customers and sales.

8. Reduce Your Team's Need To Commit To Amazon Tasks

The process of in-house hiring, training, and upskilling to initiate an omnichannel retail strategy can easily take half a year or more for most businesses.

On top of this fact, most in-house marketing teams don't focus on a particular sales channel. Instead, they must learn about several sales channels to achieve the company's omnichannel strategy goals.

Unfortunately, this strategy makes it difficult for in-house teams to achieve Amazon growth since the internal workload will require dedication to several tasks and projects on different sales channels.

Instead of creating an in-house marketing team that includes jacks of all trades, it's best to work with a partner with mastery of a single sale channel who can guarantee success. Success on Amazon requires a commitment to the platform without focusing on other popular eCommerce marketplaces.

Plus, by working with partners that specialize in specific platforms, you'll have more free time for other business tasks and increase your chances of omnichannel success.

9. Improve The Inventory Management & Fulfillment Processes

Managing inventory, packaging, and shipping items are time-consuming tasks that are important to handle correctly. Even successful brands sometimes have trouble scaling up when there's a large influx of orders.

An Amazon marketing agency will establish new processes that automate more inventory management and fulfillment processes specific to this eCommerce marketplace.

That way, your brand can be more hands-off with shipping and handling and focus more on developing new products and expanding to new sales channels.

10. Increase Time Spent On Developing Products & Expanding To Other Sales Channels

When it comes to why your company should partner with an Amazon marketing agency, the top reasons are simple.

Working with an agency that will grow your sales on Amazon saves time, reduces costs, and improves business efficiency.

And when your business runs efficiently, has access to more money, and frees up employee time, your organization can get more done within a day.

These benefits all offer your business more resources to focus on other essential tasks to growing and scaling your eCommerce business.

In Conclusion - Why Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency?

Overall, there are many great reasons for CPG brands and eCommerce sellers to partner with a professional Amazon marketing agency.

To discover whether partnering with a performance-based Amazon marketing agency is right for your business, schedule a strategy call with Sunken Stone’s Head of Partnerships Will, where we’ll uncover three areas of opportunity for your Amazon business that will increase ROI.

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