Case Study: Telos Brands

Telos Brands, a valuable repeat client. A partnership story based on a unique ability to move quickly

September 30, 2021
Case Study

Telos Brands received long-term revenue-based lending for business acquisitions. A partnership story based on a unique ability to move quickly.

Telos Brands, an Amazon brands aggregator, was looking to get good quality lending in short time frames for profitable small companies when we met them. Our partnership has been based on our capacity to analyze different business acquisition opportunities working together in the decision-making process. We have already closed our third acquisition with them. We consider Telos Brands a valuable repeat client and partner and that is the kind of relationships that make us happy! 


‍What about?

Telos Brands is a technology-first company founded by passionate business and investing experts. Their main goal is to acquire Amazon brands with fantastic products and help them reach their full potential. Telos looks for companies with a set of requirements: Amazon FBA sales to be at least 75% of their annual sales, brands with excellent product reviews, and search rankings (those using top keywords to be on the first page of searching results), brands having a track record of success and $100k - $500k in annual profits.

Our expertise, analytical capacity, and revenue financing facilities have already made possible three different transactions with Telos. 

Do you want to know what made it happen in the words of their Co-Founder & COO? Let’s continue reading...

What made it happen?

“Ability, deep business knowledge, flexibility, and transparency throughout the process make them a long-term partnership for Telos”. Darien Lee, Co-Founder & COO Telos Brands.

How did you meet Boopos? 

We were introduced to Boopos through a brokerage, Boopos had been proactive in offering a term sheet as part of a business sale, which prompted us to reach out and build the relationship.

What was the situation you were facing?

It’s very difficult to get good quality lending in short time frames for profitable small companies. Boopos is challenging the typical banking process by being a partner in business acquisitions with a unique ability to move quickly.

Have you reviewed other financial options?

Yes, we had looked at SBA financing in the US but that was slow and nuanced – another small business lending was also either too slow or too expensive.

How do you describe your experience with Boopos?

Working with the Boopos team has been very smooth – Boopos thinks very similarly to us on business diligence, which has made it easy to do short turnaround deals very efficiently. Additionally, I have to highlight their ability to move quickly as part of due diligence, their equity investor type diligence to understand the business and trends that are impacting it, and their flexibility and transparency throughout the process.

We’ve already referred business brokers looking to help their clients get financing. Undoubtedly, we hope to continue building a long-term relationship with the whole team!