The Best Kept Secrets to Help Amazon FBA Sellers Prepare for Q4 - 2021 Edition

November 1, 2022
The Best Kept Secrets to Help Amazon FBA Sellers Prepare for Q4 - 2021 Edition

Q4 is just around the corner, and Amazon FBA sellers are a few months away from what should be the peak of sales and online shopping. Q4 includes big holidays and online shopping events such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

We’ll break down our top secrets to preparing for an impactful Q4 even amongst some significant challenges post-global pandemic.

Tips to Preparing for a Successful Q4

#1 Amazon Listings and Keywords

While your Amazon listing is a focal point of your Amazon FBA business, just ahead of Q4 it’s wise to start reviewing your listing’s images, content, and keywords.

Make sure you target the best keywords and competitor ASINs that you stand a significant chance to outsell. Ahead of that, make sure your images and A+ content genuinely stand out and focus particular attention on seasonal creative assets in your Storefront or A+ images. Customers may notice the added effort.

With more eyeballs on the Amazon marketplace during Q4, Amazon FBA sellers may want to increase ppc spend. It all depends on your goals and budgets. If you are not sure, you can always enlist the help of a ppc specialist to help you gain the results you are seeking. In any case, start optimizing ahead of the big holiday dates so that you are ready for the influx of impressions.

#2 Increase Your Liquidity

‘What is liquidity anyhow,’ you’re wondering? Liquidity refers to cash or cash flow in this case.

Amazon FBA sellers can do a few things to help increase cash flow, especially at significant times of the year.

Before Q4 begins, Amazon FBA sellers can perform an Amazon aduit to find discrepancies in their accounts’ charges. Most discrepancy types are damaged, disposed of, lost, or overcharges in fees. Often Amazon FBA sellers can be leaving money owed to them behind if they aren’t on top of their FBA reimbursements.

There are a few ways to file Amazon claims, but it’s a good idea if you are selecting a service or solution provider, to perform FBA reimbursement on your behalf to consider these factors:

  • Are they a part of the Amazon Service Provider Network?
  • What is the experience level?
  • Are they familiar with the requirements of an Amazon claim?
  • Do they seek maximum FBA reimbursement, or do they simply focus on the fundamental discrepancies?

Determine which provider may suit your needs, or of course, you can attempt to file your own Amazon FBA reimbursements yourself. It could be an overwhelming process, mainly if you aren’t used to reviewing excel sheets and data. That’s why a solution is a great way to go to help you access more of your cash just before Q4. 

Once you recover your funds, you can consider increasing your budget on such things as inventory, freight, marketing, and more.

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